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  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes we do. Just email us at for info or click on "Wholesale" at the bottom of any page on our website (even this one).
  • Can I personalise my card?
    Yes! Most cards can be personalised if you like. We have a special section on the site called "Custom Made Cards", but if you see another card on the site that can be personalised easily, just email us at and we'll make it happen. There will be an extra $1 for personalisation though. The reason we can do this is because all of our cards are hand made.
  • What quality paper do you use?
    We use only high quality card stock - especially made for greeting cards. There are several types that we use that depends on what is on the card. Each card indicates the type of card stock used for that card. Sometimes we need to change them due to limited stocks, however you will always receive a high quality greeting card from us.
  • Why are you producing rude cards with swear words on them?
    By popular demand is the reason. Our highest selling cards are the adult ones believe it or not. Keep in mind all cards are usually given with love attached to them and in this day and age, whether you agree with iit or not, words like "fuck" and "cunt" can be used as terms of endearment. We do not promote hate speech in any way or form and in fact all of our cards that have either of those words mentioned above on them contain a message on the back of the card indicating that we do not promote hate speech. In the end, we will make what the buyer wants. You don't have to buy them if you don't like them.
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